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Why Choose Alante?



Experience and Trustworthiness

Alante Business Solutions has over 20 years experience in the credit card acceptance industry.  We listened to many business owners within our communities and heard from them how their tomorrow is becoming more and more difficult; how they are trying to make ends meet in today’s economic environment. Alante Business Solutions professionals decided to come together with one purpose in mind: to assist local businesses in lowering expenses and increasing revenue and profitability.


Excellence and Professionalism 

What makes Alante unique? Our Business Solutions Client Managers do not sit behind a desk and randomly call from a list of businesses located hundreds of miles away. We have dedicated Professional Client Managers that reside within your community just minutes away from your place of business. A Client Manager that is familiar with the needs of its local community and its businesses. In many cases our Client Managers may even be one of your own customers who has knowledge of your business history and products and services.  

Personalized Approach

At Alante Business Solutions, we offer one on one consultation, in person  in the comfort of your place of business in order to better understand and put a plan in place to address your business concerns.

  • How much are you truly paying when accepting credit card payments from your customers?

  • Does your current merchant provider have you set up correctly in accordance to your industry?

  • Are you well informed about EMV compliance and is your Point of Sale device EMV ready?

  • When was the last time you had an annual review of your account in order to review potential savings?

  • Has your Merchant Representative reached out to you for feedback and to introduce new products in the market that may assist your business in being more efficient?  

  • Do you have a dedicated team in place to assist you in uncovering ways to better market your business, manage everyday reporting? 

Know what your rates


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