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Mobile Devices

Alante Business Solutions offers a variety of Mobile devices that are PCI compliant and data protection ready. Wherever there is WiFi or mobile connectivity, your choice of mobile device is ready for business. Securely accept credit cards, debit cards and your business gift cards. We have mobile devices for most industries: from contractors to landscaping, food trucks to taxi cabs, we have you covered. 


Taking you business on the road? With Clover Go you can rest assured that wherever you have WiFi or mobile connectivity, you are ready to securely accept all major credit cards with EMV chip technology while having access to our 24/7 customer support. 


  • Sign up, and activate your Clover credential

  • Download the Clover Go app from the App store

  • Charge; plug in to your iOS, Andriod phone, or tablet device



  • Set custom tip and tax rates

  • Add and manage Clover Go permissions for employees

  • See your transactions on the Clover dashboard

  • Email or text receipts to your customers



A powerful Point of Sale device featuring both WiFi and 3G capabilities. The Clover Mobile can be put to the test in most any industry. From Landscaping,Taxi cabs, Food Truck/Mobile Kitchens, Expos, Plumbers. Where ever you are, your ready for business. In a restaurant set up the Clover Mobile can also intergrate with a Clover Station and  Clover kitchen printers. Giving you access to your menu  and the  ability to take orders right from your customers table. 


Alante Business Solutions also offers a variety in the latest technology on mobile stand alone terminals. Supported by major mobile carriers. Giving you the ability to accept all major credit cards with EMV chip as a form of payment any where your business takes you and  at low discounted rates. 

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