Stand Alone Terminals
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 Is your business ready for Ethernet connectivity which can significantly cut down the time that it takes you to process a transaction? Do you have a terminal that is not quite fitting your business needs?  We have solutions to address your concerns. Alante Business Solutions only carries the latest in compliance, security, NFC and EMV ready terminals. Giving you and your customer piece of mind. If you recently purchased a new Terminal  and would like to know if we support that particular device, Please feel free to contact us. It would be our pleasure to research it for you.



Alante Business Solutions has a variety in the latest technology, compliance ready, standalone terminals. From Ethernet connectivity to Wireless terminals. We offer Installation and training in person by our team of experts.

EMV / Chip Ready


Latest Technology in Ethernet and Wireless Connectivity


Multiple model options available to best service your industry


NFC ready (Touchless Technology)


In person installation and training



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