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The future of business

management systems is here.......

 Alante Business Solutions offers one on one personalized training at your place of business and not over the phone. With our own in house Clover experts, we have the ability to conduct training to any size group of employees. Giving you the attention that you and your business deserves. Schedule your free demo today!!

The CloverⓇ Station

For fraction of the cost on most management systems, the Clover Station offers you an easier way to manage your business more efficiently and productively. With its cloud base system, it gives you the ability to be in touch with the everyday operations of your business wherever you may be. You have access to: Sale totals, inventory, employee scheduling, notice alerts. Remotely change pricing, menus, and so much more!! Pick and choose from over 190 applications that best fits your business needs.

The CloverⓇ Mini

A lot of technology and features put in a smaller, stylish device. With Ethernet and WiFi capabilities you have the choice of both worlds. The Clover Mini is EMV chip and magstripe ready. With a printer convniently built in the Clover Mini, you will also have the ability to text or email your customers their receipts.    

The CloverⓇ  GO

A powerful Point of Sale device. With WiFi and 3G capabilities the Clover Mobile can be put to the test in most any industry. From Landscaping,Taxi cabs, Food Truck/Mobile Kitchens, Expos, Plumbers. Where ever you are, your ready for business. In a restaurant set up the Clover Mobile can also intergrate with a Clover Station and  Clover kitchen printers. Giving you access to your menu  and the  ability to take orders right from your customers table. 

The CloverⓇ  Flex

Flexibility right in the palm of your hand. No need to run around to process credit cards for your customers. The Clover Flex does it all for you: touch screen technology allows you to key in transactions, process a credit cards by swiping or inserting the chip card, and offers NFC technology. Clover Flex accepts electronic signatures and can print, text, and/or email receipts. Keep track of your inventory with the Clover Flex built in camera and barcode scanner. Stay connected on the go with Flex’s wireless 3G or WiFi when at your place of business enabling you to connect to all of your other Clover devices.

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